Product Overview

A sound risk score that will help shorten credit assessment cycles, without compromising on profits for lending to individuals. 

The Equifax Risk Score is a risk model that predicts the likelihood of an individual becoming delinquent (90+ days past due including charge-off, write-off, and other major derogatory events) within a 12-month period from the scoring date.

Who's it for

The solution can aid lenders

Better assess consumers to speed credit decisions 

Credit portfolio managers

Identify cross-sell opportunities and areas of risk exposure

The score also helps Collections analysts

Assess likelihood of delinquency to inform collections efforts
The Equifax Risk score achieves a high degree of accuracy and an enhanced ability to enable lower credit costs and higher approval rates.
  • Increased accuracy through segmented scoring methodology
  • Enhanced risk assessment and reduced time taken for approval
  • Segmented view basis each loan product and their characteristics considered in the score development

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