Evaluate New Customers

Make more informed, confident decisions with a robust view of new customer risk

Reliable Data For Better Decisions 

Gain a more complete view when assessing and managing new customer credit risk. Go beyond the traditional credit file to get deeper insights into payment transactions, financial behaviors, employment information, and more. Our expanded credit decisioning solutions, attributes and scores can help you make more informed credit decisions, expand access to credit, and help you mitigate risk.  

See the Bigger Picture and Make Better Decisions

With access to our trusted data, predictive analytics, and cloud-native data fabric, you'll be able to more confidently and efficiently understand who you are doing business with. Choose Equifax and get deeper insights into your prospects, enabling you to say “yes” to more while mitigating risk. 

Stimulating Business Growth 

  • Expand Access to Credit
  • Quickly Identify Prospective Customers
  • Speed Credit Decisions
  • Discover & Assess Credit Risk
  • Ensure Creditworthiness
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