Product Overview

Evaluate your customers better through comprehensive insights of their microfinance credit history.

Equifax Microfinance Report serves as a one stop solution for the microfinance institutions, banks and non-banking financial companies in taking informed decisions regarding lending to customers in the microfinance segment thereby promoting financial inclusion. 
The report contains information regarding the customers' credit repayment history across financial institutions. When you have the due understanding of your customers credit history, you are better positioned to take charge of underwriting decisions. Thus, you must have your customers credit information report and credit risk score when evaluating them.

Important sections of the Credit Information Report include:

  • Equifax Microfinance Risk Score: It is the credit risk score which ranges between 300-900 and is computed based on a proprietary model considering one’s credit history
  • Personal Information: Includes one’s personal identifiable information based on submissions to the bureau from financial institutions
  • Contact Information: Includes latest addresses and contact numbers submitted to the bureau by financial institutions 
  • Account Information: This section includes the details of one’s credit facilities, including credit facility details, EMI, outstanding balance, month on month repayment history etc.
  • Enquiry Information: Gives details of financial institutions making enquiries about the customer’s credit information report with Equifax.

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