Actionable Insights throughout the Customer Lifecycle
Equifax combines robust data, analytics and advanced technology to provide actionable insights to businesses, which in turn enable them to make sound decisions across customer acquisition, extending credit, mitigating fraud or better managing portfolio risk.
Verify Information
Comprehensively verify and authenticate customer identity and onboard customers more effectively
Prevent Fraud
Better understand the customer fraud profile, recognize potential fraud and filter it out earlier in the application process
Acquire More Customers
Develop more relationships, onboard more quickly, and assess credit risk in a more comprehensive manner
Grow Existing Business
Track, monitor and more effectively manage and enhance existing portfolios without compromising on risk
Recover Debt
Better understand collections risk, optimize collections strategy, and gain more insights into the customer risk profile



Workforce Solutions
Enabling real-time employment verification in a secure
& confidential manner



Global Lineage

A global leader in information solutions with a presence in 17 countries.

Headquartered in USA, Equifax, Inc. has a strong heritage of innovation and leadership in advanced analytics and uses proprietary technology to enrich the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers.

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What we do

Empower business and consumers with information they can trust

Equifax helps you leverage relevant and actionable consumer information that provides unprecedented insights.


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