Delivering a better customer experience and smarter revenue
Our range of specialised products and services including credit reports, data management, analytics and more help you to make informed business decisions.

Products that drive smarter revenue

Make better credit decisions and expand access to credit with data and analytics only Equifax can deliver.
Quickly verify employment and income information with some of the most comprehensive data assets available.
Gain greater insight into target markets and make strategically-guided decisions.

Equifax combines robust data, analytics and advanced technology to provide actionable insights to businesses, which in turn enable  them to make sound decisions across customer acquisition, extending credit, mitigating fraud or better managing portfolio risk.

Committed To Working With You

Turn your challenges into competitive advantages with differentiated data, advanced analytics and cloud-native data fabric. Let us help you achieve profitable growth in any economic environment while enabling a more seamless customer experience.

Uncover Hidden Risks and Untapped Opportunities

Changing economic conditions can alter the financial landscape for consumer and commercial customers. Stay on top of the latest data from Equifax that helps reveal current trends and outlook. Protect and grow your business with more predictive insights to inform strategic decisions.

Expand Access to Credit

Lift underserved communities with insights that can help identify inclusive and responsible lending opportunities. Combining Equifax data and credit information report helps lenders say yes more without accepting additional risk.
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