Advanced Analytics

The pursuit of data insights for our customers is a passion. Leveraging the Equifax Cloud, our data scientists develop a 360-view of consumers and businesses with a powerful combination of differentiated data and advanced analytics.  

Only Equifax keys and links entities across multiple data sources to deliver new algorithms, mapped relationships and unique insights that were never before possible.  Further, we employ prescriptive AI, deep analytics and innovative machine learning techniques to help our customers grow their business while also meeting strict compliance and regulatory requirements.

We are investing to simplify our customers’ access to our leading analytical platforms, in order to speed the development of unique insights and the conversion of these insights into innovative new products and services.

Customers have the ability to build and test attributes faster, speed model development from multiple months to days, and edit decision rules in a web-based environment.  
Alleviate guesswork with explainable AI and deep learning techniques:
  • Build and test attributes faster
  • Develop models in days vs. months
  • Move more quickly from analytics to production
  • Enable repeatable growth
  • Lower operational costs
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Learn how Equifax's data fabric can unlock opportunities for your business.