Product Overview

A Secure, cloud-based decision management platform  powered on “InterConnect “ that empowers to define , orchestrate , connect and deploy decision policies and multiple data connectors to  optimize decisioning and loan application life cycles thereby enabling application to approval in seconds.

Why InterConnect?

InterConnect is a cloud hosted solution that can be integrated real time to configure data orchestration , calculate attributes, host score models , power real time  decisioning on rule engine to enable digital driven decision management platform that enables institutions to manage decision policies and models effectively and respond to market needs swiftly with agility.

InterConnect empowers business users through comprehensive management of business strategies and policy rules with limited technical involvement at finger tip.

How does it benefit our customers?

  • Real time multiple data connectors available with ease on Json integration.

  • Capabilities to host multiple score models with real time data.

  • Sound framework for attribute generation & deployment.

  • In-built capabilities for easy management of business rules.
  • Business and Financial Institutions will be able to leverage the dynamic synergies enabled by - Equifax InterConnect (robust multiple data, real time attributes powered with score hosting enabled by real time decisioning  and efficient business rule management), to transition from strategy to results with reduced complexity.

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