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Analytics Solution
Build and Optimize Strategies.
Credit Risk
Say “yes” to more customers while mitigating risk.
Data-Driven Marketing
Find and grow relationships with the right customers and deliver better customer experience
We provide secure, reliable data to credentialed borrowers for identity data.
Address Match
The verification helps lenders in validating the authenticity of the information submitted
Combined Credit Information Report
Make more informed, confident decisions with a robust view of consumer risk
Commercial Credit Information Report
Accurately identify and assess probable risk while lending to commercial entities
Commercial Rank
Understand the financial health of a business – before you do business
Comprehensive Credit Information Report
Get more than a traditional credit report
Credit Insights
Solving complex business challenges with comprehensive data, 360 degree view to bureau data upto a pin code level
Custom Scorecards
Build custom scorecards based on your strawman profile to personalize performance metrics and risk tolerance assessment tailored to individual profiles and preferences
Optimizing decisions using a 24-month customer view
Equifax Risk Score
Faster credit decisions with a risk model that predicts the likelihood of a consumer becoming 90+ days delinquent
Estimated EMI
Evaluate customers’ current obligation and risk assessment
Estimated Income
Evaluate customers potential for lending decisions
Graduation Score
A bureau score for individual lending to group loan customers
Household Combined Credit Report
Assess the credit capacity of the borrowers with an aggregated household view of income, borrowings, monthly obligations
IFRS 9 Model
A Consultative, Compliant, Comprehensive, Collective solution for your benefits
Identity Verification
The verification helps lenders in validating the authenticity of the document submitted
Incremental Address
The verification helps lenders in fetching more contact information of the borrower/consumer
Grow your business with automated credit and risk decisioning, fueled by diverse data
Lost Sales Analysis
Better understand consumer behavior and competitor activity during prospecting, loan origination and portfolio retention
Market Opinion Reports
Customizable report for comparison with your peer group
Microfinance Credit Information Report
Enabling financial inclusion for those who lack access to conventional banking services
Model Validation
Leverage the combined strength of our specialization in credit risk prediction and advanced analytics
Portfolio Review - Combined
Improve your businesses’ risk assessment and optimize Portfolio Management across both Retail and MFI lending
Portfolio Review - Commercial
Identify potential threats to make agile and informed business decisions
Portfolio Review - MFI
Get early warning of potential delinquency or default
Portfolio Review - Retail
Reduce risk and grow your portfolio
Pre-Fill Solutions
Reduce Friction at the top of the funnel, reduce drop offs and optimize customer acquisition cost
Propensity Score
Optimize portfolio focus and improve targeted cross-sell campaigns
Reject Inferencing
Understand efficiency of your underwriting ecosystem
Retail Alerts
Be aligned with your customers credit needs and performance
Retail Collection Portfolio Review
Monitor customers’ activities in real-time
Retail Credit Information Report
Evaluate your customers better through comprehensive insights of their credit history
Scorecard Validation
Get an unbiased opinion on the efficiency of your scorecard model