Data Fabric

Our single data fabric allows the rapid delivery of multi-data solutions that drives predictability and higher approval rates, lower losses, and higher performance for our customers.

Equifax Data Fabric is a cloud-native, enterprise data management platform that aggregates all data received by Equifax into a single environment on the Equifax Cloud.

More than 100 siloed data exchanges are now consolidated into one integrated platform across 24 global markets, including the US, Australia, the UK and Canada. This proprietary structure unlocks unprecedented flexibility and accuracy - including strict compliance and governance controls.

We now have more than 250 billion records keyed and linked in a common format. This allows us to stream data on demand to our data scientists and customers and eliminates the months of labor required in the past to prepare complex data sets.

Data Fabric enables a single, seamless data structure with layered data governance controls designed to enforce regulatory and other data protection and segmentation requirements.  

What makes our data fabric so unique?

  • Gain complete insight of the data assets from acquisition to disposition
  • Increased product quality and reduced cost of doing business (via state-of-the-art business automation)
  • Always-on technology platform
  • Dynamically scalable platform to accommodate fluctuating business demand