Authenticate and Verify Customers

Make informed decisions quicker, comply with regulation, by ensuring your customers are genuine

Confident Decisioning

Equifax can help you perform rigorous identity checks in near real-time without adding any complexity to the user experience. So you can get to Know Your Customers with confidence, and meet industry and regulatory standards. 

Identity verification looks beyond the direct evidence of fraud or misrepresentation to connect accounts, people and devices that might seem unrelated. This helps you spot suspicious behaviour or anomalies and prevent fraud from sources that otherwise appear genuine.

Reduce friction and uncertainty across customer identity journey

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to support your identity requirements across multiple user journeys. All of our products can work seamlessly together, so you can configure your perfect identity journey with one or many. 

You’ll Make More Confident Decisions

  • Real Time Verification
  • Fraud Control
  • Authenticate your Customers
  • Extend Credit to More Customers
  • Mitigate Risk Early
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