Credit Risk

Say “yes” to more customers while mitigating risk. 

Our Capabilities

Make better credit decisions and expand access to credit with data and analytics only Equifax can deliver.

Extend more credit offers with confidence

Products and solutions that will enable businesses with the right capabilities to make the best decisions, acquire customers more effectively, onboard customers quicker, assess credit risk in a more comprehensive manner, and focus on the right customers. Whether your need is to automate your end-to-end decisioning, or gain unparalleled insights into prospects, or optimize customer acquisition, we have the right set of products and solutions to help you focus on the right customers.

A Better Foundation For Risk Evaluation

Lenders and service providers are looking for quick decisions and improved lending experiences. But to make accurate risk decisions and ultimately approve more loans, lenders need quality, up-to-date credit data. 

​​​​​​See beyond traditional credit to discover emerging risk and opportunity:

Get a more holistic view of consumers on a single report

Get more than a traditional credit report in a format that is concise, customizable and easy to understand all in a single transaction.

Help build a more inclusive economy

Extend credit to untapped population with limited resources and credit facilities with Comprehensive view of their Income and Credit across lenders.
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What Sets Us Apart

Cloud-Native Data Fabric

Offers improved security and scalability, with speed and flexibility to keep you moving forward

 Differentiated Data Assets

For comprehensive, fuller insights about consumer financial profiles

Advanced Predictive Analytics

For accurate, in-the-moment decision making you’ll feel confident about

Global, Cloud-Based Platforms

Fast and easy access to a broader range of integrated data and new product innovations
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