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Women leaders tend to be more collaborative: Nimilita Chatterjee, SVP- Data and Analytics, Equifax

In an interview with, Nimilita Chatterjee, SVP- Data and Analytics, Equifax shares her views on how IT industry is adapting the women leadership and mentoring their skills for better business.

By- Nikhar Aggarwal

Nimilita Chatterjee, SVP- Data and Analytics, Equifax says    that being focussed on business outcomes rather than where and when the work is being done is something women are encouraged to do in Equifax

In an interview with, Nimilita Chatterjee, SVP- Data and Analytics, Equifax shares her views on how IT industry is adapting the women leadershipand mentoring their skills for business growth.

How are you driving digital transformation across your organisation? What are the technologies that you are levering for the same?

As a data, insights, and analytics company powered by a credit file, unique and differentiated data sets, Equifax has the breadth and depth to help in actionable business decisions.

Work Number tool, powered by Equifax, is one of the largest centralized repositories of payroll data. The database helps auto dealers, lenders and mortgage loan originators to automate their processes.

Equifax use refined analytics techniques like fine segmentation, statistical and data mining tools to create segmented models on universal platforms. Deployment of such tools are accessed via APIs to ensure a secure and optimized integration of our solutions.

What are the challenges you faced in automating IT in your organization?

In the credit bureau and analytics area, the IT within the organization needs to change to adapt to mutating client demands. Hastening the analytics to making it production ready and easily deployable is one of the key challenges.

Complex algorithms, new techniques are rapidly evolving in analytics but deploying them in the real world has been a challenge. This has also caused delay in timelines and also reduced speed to market in the past.

We have taken it as a challenge within the organization to take analytics to production in 30 days. We are powering these initiatives internally as well and using various tools to ensure that the analytics models get deployed in the best manner into a production environment with minimum loss of translation and time. These are also required to be nimble enough to change so that evolving business changes are deployed into the real world in the most efficient manner. 

What is your perspective and initiatives to mitigate the gender gap in IT personnel?

Equifax values diversity in general gender, ethnicity, thoughts and experiences. We have multiple initiatives companywide to work with women to develop as leaders. The analytics area is conducive to women employees as well given the working conditions and the ability to work flexible hours and times. Being focussed on outcomes rather than where and when the work is being done is something we are all being encouraged to do in the company.

How according to you the women in IT are redefining the leadership role?

Women leaders tend to be more collaborative, wanting to incorporate feedback from many different people and at different levels within the organization. This creates an inclusive culture where employees feel valued for their contributions.

Do you observe any gender based salary disparities in your industry vertical?

No, we have not observed any gender based salary disparities in our vertical within our organisation. Employees are compensated basis their skill sets and experience they bring to the table and no other factor influences their salary.

How you are mentoring other women in your team or in the industry to take on leadership roles?

Enabling women to advance in the workplace isn’t just about equality. It also means better business. For me, mentoring is an ideal strategy that leads to better collaboration, innovation and greater social perceptiveness. I personally believe in taking strong measures to elevate women in the organization and initiate successful mentoring programs to make them feel more connected and engaged with their place of employment. For continued growth and maintaining a competitive advantage, Equifax believes not only engaging more women in the labor force, but also equipping women to excel in leadership roles.

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