Data-Driven Marketing

Find and grow relationships with the right customers and deliver better customer experience.

Our Capabilities

Drive customer engagement with actionable solutions.

We have products specifically designed to find and grow relationships with the right customers and deliver greater customer experience.

Our solutions help marketers achieve more targeted, meaningful interactions across the customer journey. Leverage digital touchpoints, reduce friction and improve customer experience. 

Connecting your data with our unique credit-based insights will help you achieve a clearer understanding of your ideal customer, reveal their needs and channel preferences, and identify areas of opportunity within your customer base and prospect universe.

How well do you know your customers financially?

In today's shifting economy, it is important to know which consumers have the right financial profile for your offers. Our consumer financial insights are the key ingredients that marketers and lenders need to better understand consumers’ financial health and their ability to successfully manage their finances.

See beyond traditional credit to discover emerging risk and opportunity:

Find Better Prospects

Segment and target consumers based on economic and behavioral attributes.

Personalize Communications

Drive consumer engagement through tailored offers that demonstrate customer knowledge.

Extend More Credit with Confidence

Accurately predict financial capacity and assess risk for more consumers.

Create Better Customer Experiences

Ensure every interaction is as frictionless as possible.
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