Suit-Filed Case Details

Suit Filed accounts of Rs. 1 Crore and above as on Aug-2019
Category of bank/FIName of bank/FI BranchState Sr.No.Name of Party Registered AddressOutstanding Amount in Rs. lakhs Asset ClassificationDate of Classification SuitName of other banks/ FIs (As Reported by Reporting Bank/FI) Director_1Director_1- DIN Director_2Director_2- DIN Director_3Director_3- DIN Director_4Director_4- DIN Director_5Director_5- DIN Director_6Director_6- DIN Director_7Director_7- DIN Director_8Director_8- DIN Director_9Director_9- DIN Director_10Director_10- DIN Director_11Director_11- DIN Director_12Director_12- DIN Director_13Director_13- DIN Director_14Director_14- DIN
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