Value Added Services

Equifax brings extensive global expertise in application of analytical solutions for a wide variety of business situations. our Analytics Center of Excellence has delivered over 2000 projects worldwide. We will leverage this cutting edge expertise and over 100 years of experience to deliver custom analytical solutions , industry diagnostics and cutting edge products that are relevant to the Indian business context.

Equifax offers expertise to support more profitable and robust decisions and processes across the marketing and credit lifecycle:

Credit Risk and Fraud Management Products and Solutions : Latest statistical techniques and proprietary frameworks leveraging both bureau and bank specific data leading to more effective risk and fraud segmentation strategies.

Product and Pricing Design: Superior understanding of the market leading to right product to right consumer at right time. Systematic yield optimization through comprehensive valuation, competitive and consumer price sensitivity frameworks.

Collection Products and Solutions : Collectability scorecards and segmentation frameworks enabling prioritization of collector resources and collection strategies that align with customer willingness and ability.

Portfolio Management : Comprehensive valuation and consumer behaviour scorecards leading to targeted retention and loyalty offerings.

Governance and Monitoring Frameworks: Comprehensive monitoring toolkit to evaluate overall and segment level profitability on an ongoing basis

Process Redesign : Proven solutions that find an effective balance between origination efficiency, customer experience and credit effectiveness.

Industry diagnostics : Leverage bureau and market data to provide insights into customer and macroeconomic trends at a product, lender and geographic level.

In summary, Equifax's strong expertise and experience can help address specific business and improve P&L performance through lower costs and losses, higher yields and greater consumer loyality



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