Partner Portal

A one-stop solution from Equifax that helps optimize dealer and partner management for financial institutions

Solution Overview

Partner Portal empowers lenders to more effectively track, engage and manage dealers and partners – including performance tracking and reporting. Through Partner Portal, Financial Institutions can generate reports that can be accessed and reviewed by partners for performance measurement and reconciliation

  • Unified portal for financial institutions and dealers/partners to view disbursals, performance tracking, reports
  • Enhanced data accessibility: dealers and partners can access portal to understand targets and submit documents
  • Automation of manual (email) data exchange through one-stop view of disbursals, reports, schemes, targets
  • Significant reduction in time taken and Improvement in overall efficiency for operational workflows
  • Gain a holistic insight into your dealers and partners’ disbursal performance, enable partners to track performance against specific products and categories, and benefit from in-depth reporting – all with Equifax Partner Portal !