Credit Information Reports

Gain comprehensive insights into credit history through Credit Information Reports

Product Overview

Comprehensive compilations of credit history, along with enhanced risk scoring, provide you with a well-rounded view of repayment history and credit worthiness.


To empower lenders to more effectively assess consumer risk, Equifax offers basic and enhanced Credit information reports that enables a holistic appraisal of consumer risk.

  • Easy to understand and structured credit report with in-depth view on consumer credit history and profile
  • Increased credibility in lending decisions through holistic view across trade lines and financial institutions
  • Mitigate risk through our cutting-edge Equifax Risk Score and shorten time to approval through highly credible and insightful credit history data
  • Incremental capabilities such as graphical representations of key indications such as inquiries, delinquencies and credit mix reduce time taken to actionize credit profile information