Equifax Inc.

Equifax Inc(NYSE:EFX) is headquartered in the USA and operates in 15 countries  through North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. It is a global leader in information management services and has been trusted by customers across geographies for over 100 years, working to deliver innovative solutions with the highest integrity and reliability. Equifax is a member of Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500®Index. Its common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol EFX.


Equifax's core expertise is the ability to process millions of data records submitted by its members and convert it into usable information for its customers, who use it for consumer and business lending decisions and intelligence. Value added products like credit risk management and analysis, risk management solutions, fraud detection triggers, decisioning technologies, marketing tools and much more are also provided from the same information bank. The information serves multiple industries including banking and financial services, insurance, telecom, background verification agencies etc. Individual consumers are empowered to manage their personal credit information, protect their identity and maximize their financial well-being.


 The product suite covers solutions across the following broad categories:

  • Commercial Information Solutions - brings new accuracy and trust to business intelligence. Going far beyond self-reported data, it integrates trade credit history, financial payment history, business demographics and organizational insight. Access to better information sheds new light on credit worthiness, business viability, potential prospects and more.
  • Consumer Information Solutions - Equifax helps financial institutions, telecom companies or B2C companies leverage the most relevant consumer information to gain unprecedented insight into their customer base. Understanding a consumer's credit capacity, character and collateral issues are key to making sound risk decisions in today's economy. For many of the world's leading businesses in the financial services, retail, auto, mortgage, communications/utilities and other sectors, Equifax is part of their essential decision-making fabric and an intrinsic part of their business.
  • Personal Information Solutions - solutions for individuals for them to get a complete credit report and score, monitor 3-Bureau Credit History, get the basics in identity and credit protection, monitor one's FICO® credit score and potential purchasing power, create a plan to get out of debt faster and monitor one's progress.
  • Workforce Solutions - is used to manage employment and income verification. Equifax Workforce Solutions, provided by TALX, replaces slow, paper-based tasks so that organizations can provide better, faster employee service. We enable organizations to meet today's demands for reduced costs and higher service levels. 9,000 organizations, including 3/4th of Fortune 500 companies, are served with TALX web-based services in three employment-related areas: Hiring, Compliance, and Pay Reporting.
  • Small Business Solutions - The database has over 24 million business records with over 140 million trades and powerful scores. Individuals and businesses can buy a credit report on any company in the database. In addition, Business Monitoring and Alerts are also provided to monitor one's major business customers and key partners to help protect themselves from losses.
  • Technology and Analytical Services - provides solutions to maximize customer value across the lifecycle. Knowing one's customers and engaging them to maximize revenue and profitability is a core offering, where Equifax offers technology and analytics that help grow revenue and reduce cost across the entire customer lifecycle, improving offer management, winning back profitable customers and preventing fraud. Equifax has helped 38 of the top 50 banks and many of the leading communications and utilities providers streamline their account acquisition and customer management processes and has delivered fraud solutions to over 13,000 businesses.


For further details on Equifax Inc. please log on to www.equifax.com



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