Products & Services

Value Added Services

Our extensive global expertise in application of analytical solutions can improve robustness and timeliness of decisions and processes across the marketing and credit lifecycle. We offer custom analytical solutions, industry diagnostics and cutting-edge products that are relevant to the Indian business context.

Equifax brings to you high-velocity analytics and bureau solutions. We are committed to work with you and your team to monitor and manage the credit risk levers effectively and constantly strive to add value through sharing cross-domain best practices. With data across banks and financial institutions, we provide custom-built analytical services to help you segment your portfolio better and engage them to maximize profitability.

By offering technology and analytics that reduce cost across the entire customer lifecycle, we help to streamline your account acquisition and customer management processes. This would proactively help you to identify risks in the portfolio and take requisite action, resulting in higher bang for the buck.

Data Management Services
Equifax has been the trusted steward of your credit data. Each day, we analyze your data and work with your team to understand your data and processes well, to ensure better acceptance and accurate reporting at Equifax bureau. Being a credit bureau, Equifax handles challenges posed by complex and unstructured data from various members and provides unique and innovative solutions to resolve these complexities. At Equifax, we believe that your customer data can be converted into critical business insights (as we do each day), to achieve better risk transparency and marketing optimization. We help you achieve better insights into your customers through our Data Management Services.


Market Monitor Report

Market Monitor TM from Equifax is an industry report summarizing the relative standing of the institution vs. the broader industry – in terms of market share and portfolio performance.

The unique features of the product are :

  • Understand historical and current loan disbursement levels across different pin-codes, districts & states.
  • Enable members in comparing own lending practices with regard to loan disbursement / ticket size with the industry .
  • Facilitate benchmarking of loan performance across the industry to enable institutions take decisions on Branch and/or geographical consolidation.
  • Identify health of portfolio, which helps in systematic decision making in business projections and proactive risk management.
  • Portfolio Comparison: Validate the portfolio performance at a district level of a specific player vs. industry peers